Nautilus: New Seafarers’ Charter should be mandatory

Nautilus International recognises the importance of the new Seafarers’ Charter and urges the UK Government to make the Charter mandatory in order to boost its effectiveness.

The Seafarers’ Charter’s was launched on July 24th. Its provisions are largely intended to assist seafarer employment protections and wellbeing. It was created with the help of the maritime industry and is part of the government’s nine-point plan in response to P&O Ferries’ mass-sacking in March 2022.

According to Nautilus International general secretary, Mark Dickinson, to ensure maritime professionals on all routes in and out of the UK can benefit from the provisions within the charter, it must be mandatory as employers whose business model depends upon the exploitation of maritime professionals operating in and around UK territorial waters, it isn’t enough.

The government, whilst making progress, still has some way to go to fully deliver on the ambitions of the nine-point plan announced in the aftermath of the unlawful sackings by P&O Ferries.

… said Mark Dickinson



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