N. Zealand works on Required Testing Order for border workers

The first phase of stakeholder engagement on improving the implementation of the Required Testing Order is coming to a close, with the final piece of this phase being an interview with marine pilots.

A number of issues have been identified through the engagement which Maritime NZ and the Ministry of Health are turning into a work programme. These include:

  • An alternative to deep nasal testing for those who are regulary tested;
  • Identifying all people who board a ship;
  • Improving processes for New Zealand workers who stay on a ship over night;
  • Developing consistency around supplying clearance of a ship to shipping agents.

There has also been additional engagement on a proposal portal, aimed at simplifying the process for employers and workers to be able to maintain the status of high risk workers, and notifying those workers when tests are due.

A Proof of Concept process has commenced with Wellington MIQs and it is expected to continue to roll out across the country to interested employers post POC updates.

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