MPA Singapore: Road transportation of hazardous substances tips

According to the Port Marine Circular No45 of 2020, they remind that individuals and entities involved in the road transportation of controlled hazardous substances (including but not limited to importers and exporters of such substances, hauliers, and logistics service providers) are reminded to ensure that such transportation are carried out in accordance with NEA’s approved transportation routes and allowable transportation quantities (i.e. maximum unit packaging and quantities per trip).

The transportation should also adhere to NEA’s stipulated timings as follows:

  1. Transportation from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday only;
  2. No transportation on Sundays and public holidays.

Inter-Gateway Transport of Transhipment Containers Containing Hazardous Substances

Beginning on January 1st, 2021, PSA’s inter-gateway transportation of transhipment containers containing hazardous substances exceeding the maximum unit packaging limits , will no longer be permitted on public roads.

Yet, PSA  must transport such containers between its terminals using Dangerous Goods (DG) barges that are certified with MPA.

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