MPA Singapore: IG on ransomware attacks and cyber risks

As the IG notes, ransomware is the type of malware that criminals use to prevent you from accessing files on your computer, then demand a ransom in exchange for release of the files.

What is the impact of ransomware?

The ransomware encrypts files on your computer or shared network drive, preventing your from accessing these files.

Next, it notifies you of the ransom payment process, usually bitcoin, in exchange for a decryption key to access your files.

Ways of protection

MPA Singapore advises to:

#1 Be cautious

If you receive suspicious emails, do not click on links, download files or open attachments. Report the suspicious email to your IT department for investigation before deleting the email.

#2 Be careful of links provided in unsolicited emails

If you are accessing a hyperlink, do not click on it first. Hover your cursos over links or clickable buttons to show the actual URL. If there is a mismatch between the URL and the link, it could be a phishing link.

#3 Watch out for suspicious activity

If you spot any suspicious activity on your computer, immediately disconnect from the network.

#4 Always back-up your data

Back up the data on your computer in a separate location for recovery purposes.

#5 Block pop-ups on web browsers

If an amazing offer or deal appears in a pop-up window, it is usually too good to be true and may be ransomware attack.


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