Marlink offers connectivity services for Arctic initiative

Namely the project is designed to facilitate conversation and action around conservation and the future of tourism at the poles.

What is more, the initiative aims to collect environmental data, weather and wildlife observations for stakeholders including the Norwegian Polar Institute, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UNIS and NASA.

In light of the situation, Marlink will supply connectivity, in order to enable polar specialists stay in touch with their support team and to share updates to educational institutions, research organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

Sustainability and protection of the environment are core topics for Marlink, which we are eager to support in a direct, impactful and practical way. The data that Hearts In The Ice will collect and share via the Marlink smart network has local impact and global implications and we are proud to be a partner for this innovative project going above and beyond.

…CEO of Marlink Group, Erik Ceuppens, stated.

Concluding, the project will collect and share data on phytoplankton, ice core and saltwater samples, cloud, aurora, and wildlife observations, including levels of microplastics in birds, fish and polar bears.



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