MAN ES, Wasco to boost Power-to-X projects

Through their collaboration both sides will focus on converting electricity into carbon-neutral synthetic fuels, gas or liquid, for use as a clean, carbon-neutral energy source.

Following the coronavirus situation, the signing ceremony took place as a digital event with representatives from both companies participating via a live-video stream.

To advance decarbonisation, climate-neutral fuels are needed in all sectors where direct electrification via batteries is not an option – as is the case with international shipping. Without a doubt, Power-to-X is one of the key technologies needed to generate such synthetic fuels. We are very happy to work in South-East Asia together with Wasco and build on their vast network, tremendous experience, and substantial capabilities in the region.

..said Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Energy Solutions.

Both companies have a strong track record, background, and resources in developing energy projects across Asia. This collaboration with MAN on Power-to-X technology is in line with Wasco’s growth ambitions driven by innovation. The signing of the MOU reaffirms our commitment to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the market, which is the future of the energy sector.

…Giancarlo Maccagno, CEO, Wasco Energy Group.

Concluding, MAN Energy Solutions commissioned Europe’s largest methanisation plant to create green methane from hydrogen as far back as 2013. Today, the company offers industrially-scaled 50MW Power-to-Gas and Power-to-X plants as part of its product portfolio.

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