Maersk, WEF, UNICEF to deliver COVID-19 vaccines

Among othes, the signed agreement includes the logistics major Maersk, which will focus on the efficient distribution of safe vaccines.

Credit: Maersk Twitter

Under their collaboration partners will engage with governments, customs authorities, UNICEF and other UN Agencies, and NGOs for the vaccine distribution.

At the same time, collaborators will support the Global Vaccine Logistics Distribution initiative for COVID-19, with prioritization and solutions for international and in country distribution of vaccines and related supplies on behalf of the COVAX facility.

Recognizing the impact of multi-stakeholder collaborative action, we, as members of the Supply Chain &
Transport Industry Action Group community, express our strong support to achieving globally inclusive, safe and sustainable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

…as World Economic Forum stated.

Overall, speaking of COVID-19 vaccine delivery, researchers from the technology major IBM, recently reported that hackers have targeted the supply chain involved.

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