LR joins forces with machine learning platform boosting fleet optimization

Specifically, i4 Insight platform now includes GreenSteam’s machine learning data analytics solutions. The partnership aims to provide solutions that will help drive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and cut operating costs.

By using the platform, shipowners, operators and charterers can access the data on performance and fuel consumption across all ships in their fleet. The addition of GreenSteam’s machine learning technology means that platform users will have a more accurate picture of the leading contributors to excessive fuel consumption as well as access to actionable recommendations on how to optimize fleet performance.

It is reported that machine learning is important to help understand the complex factors impacting vessel performance to help ensure operational efficiency.

Shaun Gray, Executive Chairman of GreenSteam commented that

An in-depth, data-driven approach to understanding and acting on fuel consumption has never been more necessary for the industry … It will support owners in optimising vessel operations while also delivering on emissions targets.

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