Latin America’s first hybrid vessel upgrade project launched

In fat, throught their inked agreement, Wärtsilä will convert a vessel from CBO’s fleet to operate with hybrid propulsion.

Specifically, the “CBO Flamengo” will be the first vessel in Latin America to be fitted with a battery pack for hybrid propulsion, aiming to improve the vessel’s energy consumption and reduce its carbon footprint.

According to the companies, the hybrid system will provide redundancy power while save fuel and reduce exhaust emission levels.

At the same time, due to the fact that the engines will operate for fewer running hours, maintenance requirements and costs will be reduced as well.

We seek less fossil fuel consumption and this, aligned with our ESG (environmental and social governance) initiatives, makes the decision to install batteries in our vessels a natural path.

….as Marcelo Martins, Technical and Commercial Director at CBO, said.

For the records, the initiative includes the power conversion, project services, the hybrid solution delivery, and commissioning. Concluding, the vessel’s equipment is expected to be delivered during April 2021.

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