Lack of digitalization puts business future at risk

Ami Daniel, CEO at Windward notes that almost every aspect of the industry should be digitalized to streamline business effectively and ensure there are no interruptions to operations. This includes the process of vetting vessels, performing due diligence, optimizing trade routes, and more.

For businesses and organizations in the maritime industry, now is the time to recognize the importance of digitalization or risk losing competitive edge, exposing their business and risking operations.

Yet, it is stated that lack of digitalization puts business future at risk.

Without digitalization the shipping industry is at risk, while companies and organizations that want to ensure growth, conduct efficient operations, and ensure the safety of their vessels and crew, need to make sure that every key business decision routinely made is automated and digitalized.

Moreover, he highlights that vetting, chartering, inspecting, and other shipping operations, are all routine maritime activities that take time, are costly, require manual processes, and, most importantly, can be digitalized.

He concludes that

Having digitalization solutions that optimize maritime decision-making ensures your business is always ready. Companies and organizations that fail to digitalize risk losing their competitive edge in their ecosystem, ultimately losing business and revenue.

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