KR opens LNG bunkering simulation center in Busan

In fact, the opening ceremony of the LNG Promotion and Bunkering Simulation Center was held on the 15th September 2020.

Through the new center, KR goals to facilitate industrial growth across the LNG propulsion and bunkering sector based on its long-standing high level expertise with LNG technology.

What is more, the center aims to provide comprehensive technical services relating to LNG operations, including not only the customised trial and optimal operations for LNG fuel supply and bunkering systems, but also detailed risk analysis for liquefied gas for ships propelled by eco-friendly fuels such as LNG, hydrogen, and ammonia.

We plan to provide comprehensive technical services related to LNG, such as analysis of the risk of liquefied gas for ships of eco-friendly fuels such as LNG, hydrogen and ammonia.

…KR stated.

Credit: Korean Register

Following the ceremony, KR inked an MoU with Transgas Solution (TGS) in order to build an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) system which will be used to train operators of LNG-propelled ships and for ship-to-ship bunkering.



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