Just In Time Arrival guide updated

Specifically, the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) aims to support low carbon shipping.

To remind, JIT Arrival is a concept in which a ship maintains the optimal operating speed to arrive at the Pilot Boarding Place only when the availability is ensured. The JIT Arrival concept has been identified by the GIA as a feasible opportunity to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

JIT Arrivals aims to reduced time at anchorage and therefore reduced congestion in the port area. The guide has been developed to support low carbon shipping, based on research and industry roundtables discussions, which brought together nearly 50 companies and organizations who are key stakeholders in the port call process.

Moreover, the guide provides a holistic approach to Just-In-Time Arrivals, considering contractual aspects to its implementation as well as operations. It is envisaged as a useful toolkit for many stakeholders including shipowners, ship operators, charterers, ship agents, shipbrokers, port authorities, terminals, nautical and vessel service providers. All these actors ultimately play a key role in implementing the necessary changes and facilitating the exchange of communication required to realize JIT Arrivals.

To learn more about the updated guide, you may click on the report herebelow

Just In Time Arrivals guide

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