Japans’ first LNG PCTC, officially named

In fact, the vessel named “Sakura Leader”, will be the first large LNG-fueled PCTC to be built in Japan, as it is scheduled to be delivered in October 2020.

For the records, the ship took its name from the Japanese word for “cherry blossoms,” the national flower of Japan, with a wish for realizing and passing on a flourishing environment to the next generation through eco-friendly transportation.

What is more, the pure car and truck carrier will be one of the world’s largest PCTCs, capable of transporting approximately 7,000 units per voyage, beginning with vehicles produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Sakura Leader was selected as a model project by Japan’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and will receive support from the ministries for technical verification of CO2 emission reductions during actual voyages.

…NYK Line said in a release.

Concluding, NYK plans to switch all its future newly built PCTCs to next-generation eco-friendly ships, such as LNG-fueled ships, and aims to lead the construction of a clean transportation mode in the maritime industry. In fact, a second LNG-fueled PCTC will be delivered in 2022, and an LNG-fueled coal carrier will be delivered in 2023.

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