Japan Coast Guard rescues two crewmembers of capsized livestock

Namely, the Coast Guard found the 45-year-old chief officer, as Japanese navy P-3C surveillance aircraft spotted him wearing a life vest and waving while stranded at sea late Wednesday.

As for the second crew member, has been found floating unconscious in the waters off Japan on Friday morning.

At the moment, the chief officer along with the second crewmember are the only members of the Gulf Livestock 1 to been found alive.

In light of the situation, the chief officer explained that the ship lost an engine before it was hit by a wave and capsized.

Crew were instructed to put on life jackets as the ship capsized, he said, adding that he had jumped into the water and had not seen any other crew members before he was rescued.

Concluding, still 41 seafarers are missing and approximately 5,867 cattle.

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