Initiative focuses on marine battery health

In fact, the project is sponsored by the EU Horizon 2020 MarTERA scheme and aims to enhance the European Research Area (ERA).

As DNV GL noted, the objective of “DDD-Batman” is to develop data-driven methods for diagnostics and prognostics of battery systems and to provide methods for verifying the battery state of health (SOH) based on real-time sensor measurements.

As batteries continue to penetrate the industry, we need to improve the data we have, especially as we see batteries in operation for longer periods. The DDD-Batman project could result in us having much better data on the health of a battery system, enabling predictive maintenance strategies and offering a better look at the remaining useful life of the battery.

… Sverre Eriksen, Senior Principal Engineer, at DNV GL – Maritime, said.

What is more, participants will collect operational data from ships in addition to laboratory data and develop reliable and secure strategies for data collection, storage and sharing. The primary focus will be on battery systems for cruise ships, including battery lifetimes, replacement strategies, life cycle assessments and shore connection procedures.

The targeted laboratory tests and at the same time the analysis of load profiles and operating data in real use cases make the DDD-Batman project an excellent approach to significantly increase the precision and validity of online ageing monitoring. In addition to the applied development, the project contributes to the general scientific understanding of battery aging.

… Maximilian Bruch, scientist at Fraunhofer ISE, added.

DDD-Batman will also develop to set new standards for reliability and lifetime prognostics, while deliver recommendations and give input to standards, recommended practices and class rules for batteries.

Concluding, the project goals to increase confidence in battery-powered ships, making batteries a more attractive alternative and helping to enhance shipping’s uptake of electric propulsion systems.


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