IMO, UNCTAD issue joint statement on COVID-19 recovery

“We are living in an intensely interconnected world. The coronavirus pandemic has placed the world in an unprecedented situation. This crisis has generated human distress and an economic downturn that is impacting our efforts to improve livelihoods and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”…as the letter stated.

In light of the situation, the organizations are calling therefore on all Governments to maximize the contribution of international trade and supply chains to a sustainable socio-economic recovery in post-COVID-19 times, through greater use of international legal instruments and standards, as well as strengthened regional and sectoral cooperation.

What is more, the organizations stressed the importance of the implementation of globally and regionally harmonized, mutually accepted measures.

In fact, these measures should be compatible with safety and security requirements, proportionate to the improvement of public health, flexible where possible (grant exemptions and waivers where appropriate) to allow for a viable economic recovery, and safeguarded so as not to distort markets.

“We call upon our member States to take appropriate action in facilitating trade and transport and in maintaining the integrity of the supply chains. We also wish to reiterate our support to member States in their efforts aimed at sustainable socioeconomic recovery in post-COVID-19 times for the benefit of all”…the letter concluded.

See the joint statement herebelow 

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