IMO, MPA Singapore introduce NextGen initiative

Specifically, speaking during the joint webinar, Singapore Minister for Transport, Mr Ong Ye Kung, said

Singapore will do our part, and we look forward to the maritime community coming together, under the leadership of the IMO, to redouble our efforts and build a better, greener world.

In addition, IMO’s Secretary General, Kitack Lim, called the industry to take more action towards research on zero carbon marine fuels, adding that “IMO is stepping up its efforts to act as a global forum and promoter in R&D in zero carbon marine fuels, bringing together interested stakeholders from public and private sectors, and also private and development banks and other potential donors around the world.”

To better explain, the “NextGEN” initiative is a concept for a collaborative global ecosystem of maritime decarbonisation initiatives. It will facilitate information sharing on decarbonisation initiatives across stakeholders such as IMO Member States, industry and academia, identify opportunities and gaps for decarbonisation in the global shipping ecosystem, and create important networks and platforms for collaboration.

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