IMO makes progress on navigational safety

The IMO Navigation, Communications, and Search and Rescue Sub-Committee (NCSR) 10 (10-19 May) made progress on matters regarding maritime safety information.

The Sub-Committee progressed the development of draft performance standards for the reception of maritime safety information and search and rescue related information by MF and HF digital navigation data system (NAVDAT) and endorsed a roadmap of elements to be considered for the introduction of such a system in the future.

The roadmap envisages, inter alia, identifying the areas where NAVDAT can complement NAVTEX/GMDSS in providing maritime safety information to ships at sea and what identified gap(s) it is filling.

Further steps would include developing performance standards, pilot projects and tests, training matters, and liaising with other bodies such as IHO and WMO on the development of guidelines and procedures for the integration process.

NAVDAT is a digital broadcasting system operating on selected MF and HF frequency bands and capable of communicating texts, images, graphs, data, etc. to compatible shipborne receiving equipment at speeds much higher than NAVTEX.

Further work on NAVDAT will continue intersessionally by the upcoming meeting of the IMO/ITU Experts Group on Maritime Radiocommunication Matters.

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