ICS requests shipping companies and masters to fill form about crew change

Specifically, ICS collects information on the ability of ships to conduct crew changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ICS requests shipping companies or masters to complete an online form, anonymously, for every successful or unsuccessful crew change.

The online form aims to gather information of how crew changes are being conducted around the globe and understand the challenges that the pandemic has brought.

In addition, to help prepare the necessary information before starting the report form, please note that it only asks for the following:

  • date of crew change
  • country and name of port/terminal
  • if the crew change was successful or unsuccessful
  • the number of on-signing and off-signing crew members and their nationalities

Concluding, it is informed that there is also the option to provide any additional information, such as any difficulties experienced with vias, flights or other logistical issues.

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