IACS suggests modifications for pilot ladders in upcoming NCSR 10

IACS has submitted/co-sponsored three papers. The first, NCSR 10/16/3, proposes clarification of the application of the updated ISO 799:2019 standard, related to the existing footnote in the SOLAS consolidated edition 2020 where pilot ladders complying with ISO 799:2004 may need to be replaced with those complying with ISO 799:2019. In addition, potential modifications are proposed for MSC.1/Circ.1428 to be included in the poster to assist with the understanding of the IMO requirements.

NCSR 10/21/1 identifies gaps and/or inconsistencies existing in circular COMSAR.1/Circ.32/Rev.1 and proposes related amendments with a view towards uniform and universal implementation of GMDSS requirements.

IACS will also provide advice and comments to the Sub-Committee on items related to the development of guidelines for the use of electronic record books under SOLAS regulation V/28; pilot transfer arrangements and the  amendments to SOLAS regulation V/23 and resolution A.1045(27).

To remind, AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) will also be involved in the Sub-Committee discussions and has proposed its own measures.

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