Hoegh and Kongsberg shake hands on fleet digitalisation

Hoegh Autoliners and Kongsberg Digital have formalised an agreement to digitalise the remaining vessels in Hoegh’s fleet and on the upcoming Aurora-class vessels.

In particular, the Aurora class vessels will have Vessel Insight installed when they embark on their maiden voyages. The newly signed contract also ensures the continued roll-out of Vessel Insight to Höegh Autoliners’ existing fleet, except for a few older vessels, and be connected to the cloud through Kongsberg Digital’s maritime cloud infrastructure throughout 2023.

With our close history, Höegh Autoliners is more of a partner than a customer to us; the company is a digital, ambitious frontrunner with whom we share a passion for innovation and sustainability.

… said Shane McArdle, CEO at Kongsberg Digital

The two companies have a close history as they have been collaborating for years. For instance, in September 2022 Kongsberg launched a maritime digital twin with Höegh as its first pilot customer.

This will accelerate our path towards more sustainable, efficient, and transparent operations while ensuring that our vessels are at the forefront of digitalisation in the industry. Embracing this digital revolution enables us to offer improved services to our valued customers worldwide.

… added Andreas Enger, CEO at Höegh Autoliners.

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