HGK Shipping orders a new gas tanker with special dimensions

On 15th September, HGK Shipping has placed an order for a new gas tanker with the Dutch shipyard De Gerlien van Tiem Scheepsreparatie – Nieuwbouw.

The new vessel, characterized by its unique features, is optimized to sail in shallow waters.

The latest addition to company’s fleet will once again enable to set a new benchmark for the sector. The unconventional dimensions guarantee a particularly high load capacity, even if water levels are low.

According to the company, the Gas 94 according to the company is a milestone in optimizing ship design and the drive concept.

The gas tanker combines an innovative diesel-electric drive system with a ship’s design optimized for extremely shallow waters so that it can guarantee basic supplies for the goods’ recipient, even when the water level in the river Rhine has been regarded as critical so far. The vessel went into service in the third quarter of 2021.

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