HAROPA, Ports of Normandy to help operators be prepared for Brexit

As United Kingdom left the European Union and became a third country, any entry or exit of goods from the European Union from or to the United Kingdom will be subject to a customs declaration.

In fact, the border crossing process will rely on the smart border system, which is designed to keep port traffic moving in spite of the tighter controls due to Brexit.

As explained, under this system only goods that have been pre-declared or have a customs transit document can board the ferry, and lorries are channelled as soon as they disembark according to the customs, veterinary and/or phytosanitary status of the goods they are carrying.

In light of the Brexit situation, HAROPA and Ports de Normandie created a set of practical fact sheets summarising key information for different situations such as: “I am a transport operator – what do I have to do?” /”My status is Orange – what do I have to do? /”I export or import veterinary or phytosanitary products” etc.

These fact sheets can be downloaded from HAROPA and Ports of Normandy websites as well as those of the latter’s delegatees.

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