Hackers target COVID-19 vaccine supply, IBM urges

As explained, hackers tried to collect information on the global initiative for distributing coronavirus vaccine to developing countries.

However, it was unclear if the attacks were successful, while the company could not identify those behind the attacks.

In fact, IBM uncovered a series of cyber attacks, potentially carried out by state actors, against companies involved in the effort to distribute vaccine doses, which must be kept cold.

Credit: IBM Twitter

According to IBM, manufacturers have become a main target of hackers, trying to steal trade secrets or disrupt supply chains.

Our team recently uncovered a global phishing campaign targeting organizations associated with a COVID-19 cold chain.

….as Claire Zaboeva and Melissa Frydrych, analysts for IBM X-Force, a cyber security working group, said.

Among others, IBM informed that the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union was one target of the attacks, as well as European and Asian companies involved in the supply chain, whose names have not been disclosed.

Concluding, the technology company noted that the purpose behind the attacks “may have been to harvest credentials, possibly to gain future unauthorized access to corporate networks and sensitive information relating to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.”

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