Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021: Natalie Shaw, ICS

In this context, we have asked Mrs. Natalie Shaw, Director Employment Affairs, ICS, to make an assessment of 2020 from her perspective and share her message for the new year across the global community. Among others, she highlights that keeping seafarers healthy and safe as well as companies in operation are top priorities during this challenging time.


SAFETY4SEA: Focusing on your area of expertise, what were the most important industry development(s) within 2020?

Natalie Shaw: The willingness for industry partners to work together to lobby where necessary more than ever, irrespective whether owners, unions, medics, or other industry partners.


S4S: Focusing on your area of expertise, what do you think that will be the biggest challenge(s) for the industry in 2021?

N.Sh.: Trying to get back to normality of operations once vaccinations become widely available and ensuring that industry priorities pre covid are addressed as well as a post covid lessons learned manifesto.


S4S: What would be the 2021 resolutions for your company/organisation?

N.Sh: To keep seafarers onboard all global vessels as healthy and safe as is possible.   To keep as many companies in operation as is possible during this challenging time.


S4S: What is your overall forecast for shipping industry in 2021 and what would you like to share and/or wish and/or ask other industry stakeholders?

N.Sh.: Continued problems in the first quarter which will gradually ease by the Autumn.  Potential substantial growth in shipments of larger goods toward the end of next year.


Natalie Shaw Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution for our industry from Mrs Natalie Shaw, ICS

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