First natural gas bunkering at the port of Almería

In fact, the LNG bunkering operation, which was carried out in coordination with the Almería Port Authority, was done through the Truck To Ship system, as it was performed onboard Baleària’s Bahama Mama ferry.

As explained, the ferry was remotorized last summer and is able to navigate powered by LNG, a much cleaner energy source than conventional fuels.

The operation was successfully carried out by the company specialized in transportation and supply of natural gas ESK.

It has been a historic day for the port since this will now allow us to offer shipping companies a cleaner and more efficient fuel and with this we contribute to reducing emissions into the atmosphere and we achieve a more sustainable port area.

… said Jesús Caicedo, president of the Almería Port Authority.

Overall, in light of shipping decarbonization issue, Baleària plans to have nine ships with dual natural gas engines, six of them remotorized and another three of new construction until 2021.

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