Fire erupts at Port of Beirut

Currently, the fire has been brought under control, if not yet compelted put out, Lebanon’s civil defense agency informed.

The fire could affect the humanitarian relief operations to help with Beirut’s last port disaster, said Fabrizio Carboni, the Mideast regional director for the Red Cross. As he explained, the warehouse that was damaged houses thousands food parcels and 0.5 million liters of oil. The extent of the damage is still unknown.

Some portion of its stock of food parcels at the warehouse is believed to have caught fire, while since the explosion, efforts were ongoing to move the food out of the damaged warehouse.

Now, after the new disaster, Lebanon’s minister of justice, Marie Claude Najm, urged for a thorough investigation into the incident. However, the Lebanese member of parliament Rola Tabsh, demanded an international inquiry into the recent disasters at the port.

In early August, two huge explosions rocked Beirut, killing at least 190 people, while injuring thousands more. Reports suggest that a fireworks warehouse was involved in the explosion.

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