Ferry runs aground in Aland Islands, 400 stranded onboard

As CNN reports, no initial injuries were reportedm as the ferry was sailing between Stockholm, Sweden, and Turku, Finland, with a short stopover planned in Mariehamn.

According to Viking Line, the ship became stranded just off the shore, while strong winds were blowing in the area.

Divers from the Finnish Coast Guard went to the incident area and examined the hull of the stranded ship. They  that it is not taking on water or leaking fuel. The passengers were told that they would remain on board overnight.

On Sunday morning, the Finnish maritime authorities and the vessel’s class society allowed the ferry to carry its passengers onward under its own power without risk.

This is the second Viking Line ship to run aground off the Aland islands in the past two months. In September, another Viking Line passenger ferry, the MS Amorella, also grounded on the Aland Islands.

Narrow passageways and shallow waters make this area challenging for big ships to operate.

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