Dutch National Fund for Green Investments launched

According to various senior Zuid-Holland administrators, this new fund will give major impetus to various efforts to safeguard the long-term continuity of earning power and employment in the Netherlands.

The Cabinet’s plans for long-term investments in the Dutch economy align with various programmes that are already underway in Zuid-Holland.

Companies, knowledge institutes and public organisations in Zuid-Holland have joined forces. Together, we will be able to realise 10% extra economic growth for the Netherlands within the next ten years. The Zuid-Holland region has drawn up a concrete Growth Agenda for this purpose, which we intend to realise in partnership with the State.

….Jaap Smit, Chair of Economic Board Zuid-Holland and King’s Commissioner of Zuid-Holland noted.

In fact, through the investment funding the Dutch goverment aims to help address aging population, climate change and low productivity growth.

What is more, an independent commission will be tasked with reviewing investment proposals. Members will include Prince Constantijn, ING Groep NV Chief Economist Marieke Blom, and former Eurogroep head Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Bloomberg reported.

In the years ahead, we will need to raise the sustainability of our society’s power supply and industrial sector. This is vital both in terms of climate change mitigation and for economic development and employment. The recent Cabinet decision has laid the groundwork for this investment fund. What we need to do now is invest in those projects that will have the biggest impact.

Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority concluded.

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