DEEP approves $1.59m in pollution-reducing grants

In fact, the 14 projects awarded will mitigate 82.2 tons of smog forming nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions over the lifetime of the projects.

The projects will also remove over 3,908 tons of climate-warming carbon dioxide (CO2).

Additionally, a total of 5.5 tons of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and 5.4 tons of fine particulate matter, which contributes to asthma and other bronchial conditions, will be removed from communities across Connecticut, some of which bear a disproportionate share of Connecticut’s air pollution.

“I applaud the efforts and foresight of the applicants under this program in recognizing the health and environmental benefits of reducing diesel emissions in the state through the improvement of transportation technology. I am particularly pleased we were able to fund a number of projects that replaced diesel vehicles and equipment with electric equivalents in communities such as Hartford and New Haven that are overburdened by air pollution.”

…said DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes.

For the record, DERA, which is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), provides grants to states and other eligible entities to be leveraged for newer, cleaner equipment to improve air quality.

It is known that older diesel engines emit large amounts of pollutants such as NOx, CO2 and particulate matter.

DEEP received 27 applications in the DERA grant round, requesting $3.96 million in funding and 14 were selected to receive grants. Projects were ranked by a variety of criteria, including air pollution reduction and cost effectiveness.

These proposals highlight municipal and business leadership and motivation in the state to reduce emissions associated with medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and that cleaner options are available.

Concluding,  these efforts will result in substantial reductions to emissions from the transportation sector, which is responsible for approximately 70% of smog forming air pollution and 38% of greenhouse gas emissions in Connecticut.

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