Danish Unions urge to exempt seafarers from quarantine

In fact, the maritime unions issued a joint letter to the Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup, in order seafarers traveling to or through Denmark be exempted from a quarantine requirement upon entry.

“The corona pandemic has made it difficult for seafarers to get to and from their ships. And they travel regularly to and from ships with short home periods. That is why we are now coming together with the seafarers’ trade unions with a burning desire for the government to exempt seafarers if a requirement for quarantine is introduced when entering Denmark.”

….says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danske Rederier.

According to Danish Shipping, seafarers could be affected if they are subject to quarantine requirements when entering Denmark, which is currently being considered as a possible restriction in the fight against the pandemic.

What is more, the letter stated that crewmembers associate with a limited circle of people on board the ships, and when they travel to and from the ships, are typically tested several times.

“It is different how long the enlistment periods are for the seafarers, but for a group they work two weeks and have two weeks off. They will, with the exception of seafarers, be quarantined for 10 out of 14 home days”.

Concluding, the letter to the Minister of Justice is signed by Lars Have Hansen, chairman of the Association of Mechanical Engineers, Ole Philipsen, chairman of Metal Maritime and Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danske Rederier.

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