Cyprus focuses on technology advancement amid COVID-19

In fact, Mr Vasilis Demetriades told during a virtual shipping conference: “the coronavirus outbreak has resulted to a rapid advance of technology in shipping, while experts believe there is a silver lining amid the pandemic”.

As explained, the COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted the shipping industry and its operations, but unexpectedly resulted in a rapid advancement of technology.

In light of the outbreak situation, Cyprus shipping focuses on advanced resource optimization systems, automated cargo handling equipment and efficient information sharing between all actors so as to help cut costs.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 pandemic is a catalyst for change. Adjusting to the “new normal” is not a cliché.

…as Mr. Demetriades added.

In addition, the Minister informed that Cyprus is working towards the development of a digital port state control platform and is exploring the possibility of remote audits.

Cyprus has made significant progress to simplify formalities and to transform our services to a paperless environment that will increase efficiency and attractiveness of the Cyprus Registry and its relevant services.

Concluding, the Shipping Deputy Ministry is in the process of formulating a road map will turn all its services digital, creating conditions for a one-stop-shop.

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