COSCO, Bank of China launch blockchain-based Bill of Lading initiative

COSCO SHIPPING Lines and Bank of China shake hands and collaborated in order to launch a Cross-Chain Platform ‘Master Bill of lading + trading documentations’.

Namely, under their collaboration, partners goal to ease the flow of cross-border trade.

As explained, the cross-chain platform takes full advantage of blockchain technology to provide customers a paperless service.

In fact, parties on the platform, such as shipping lines, import and export enterprises, and banks, can now update related trade information in a tamper-proof and trustworthy manner.

Cargo flow, information flow and capital flow are closely integrated to provide a trusted digital foundation for international trade, which is highly recognized by pilot customers. Ant chain also provides the technology support for the platform.

COSCO SHIPPING will keep taking customers as the center, constantly use digital technology to promote the seamless connection between the upstream and downstream of the shipping industry, promote the digital transformation and upgrading of shipping industry with partners. To simplify the shipping and create value for our customers are our mission.

…as COSCO SHIPPING stated.

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