ClassNK issues new guidelines for safe handling of containers

ClassNK has released its latest Technical Journal, focusing on efforts toward the safe operation of progressively larger container ships.

Improper container handling can lead to loss of goods and cause serious safety hazards. The WSC Containers Lost at Sea Report – 2023 Update stated that in 2022, 661 containers were lost at sea. To prevent such incidents, ClassNK has provided an overview of structural rules applied to container vessels and related guidelines, as well as operational guidance for preventing parametric rolling.

#1 Revision of guidelines for container stowage and securing arrangements 

ClassNK developed design loads and calculation algorithms for strength calculations of stowage and securing arrangements, and released “Guidelines for Container Stowage and Securing Arrangements (Edition 3.0).

#2 Guidelines against parametric rolling

The Society has released Guidelines, which arrange the requirements for application of effective measures, and also describe the basic items for avoiding parametric rolling, the procedure for preparing polar charts, etc.

#3 Guidelines fire-fighting measures for container carriers

ClassNK also released guidelines summarizing these additional fire-fighting measures in order to evaluate fire-fighting measures for container carriers which are added optionally.

Technical topics

ClassNK has also tackled popular technical topics in its latest Technical Journal including:

  • Damage of SOx scrubber discharge water lines
  • Update of wave statistics standards for classification rules
  • Studies on in-engine combustion of low and zero-carbon fuels
  • Recent topics discussed at IMO.