ClassNK issues AiP to SHI for for ammonia fuel supply system

ClassNK has issued an Approval in Principle (AiP) for an ammonia fuel supply system for oil tanker and container ship developed by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI).

ClassNK carried out a review of a conceptual design of the system developed by SHI based on the part C of its Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels. Upon confirming they comply with the prescribed requirements, ClassNK issued the AiP.

Dong-Joo Kim, Head of Shipbuilding Sales Engineering Team, Samsung Heavy Industries said that this important design development and this AiP award demonstrates SHI’s readiness for the new ammonia shipping market that is coming from global decarbonization demands.

Ammonia as a maritime fuel is gaining momentum within the shipping industry as the sector strives to decarbonize. However, according to Dr. John Kokarakis’ presentation during the 2023 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, as promulgated by the engine makers, ammonia as a fuel will probably reach maturity around 2035.

It is a great honor to be involved in the SHI’s initiatives to expand industry options for greener shipping by conducting safety assessment on its ammonia fuel supply system, which has resulted in AiP.

… said Masaki Matsunaga, Corporate Officer / Director of Plan Approval and Technical Solution Division, ClassNK

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