Chinese shipbuilding industry maintains world-leading role during 2020

Speaking by numbers, China’s completion volume of ships increased by 4.9% year on year to 38.53 million deadweight tonnes (dwt) last year, accounting for 43.1% of the world’s total.

What is more, MIIT data revealed that new shipbuilding orders were down by 0.5% year on year to reach 28.93 million dwt, took up 48.8% of the market share worldwide.

In addition, holding order volumes fell by 12.9% over one year earlier to 71.11 million dwt by the end of 2020, accounting for 44.7% of the global market share.

Concluding, to remind last year’s data showed that five shipbuilding companies in China ranked in the world’s top 10 in shipbuilding completion, while six were among the 10 firms worldwide with the largest new shipbuilding volume orders.

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