Chinese salvor to remove Wakashio’s stern from reef

Specifically, the Chinese salvor signed a contract with Nagashiki Shipping for the removal of the rear part of the hull that remained at the site.

At the moment, Lianyungang Dali Underwater Engineering is procuring and preparing materials and equipment in order to begin Wakashio’s salvage opearations.

The removal work is scheduled to start in late December and expected to be fully completed next spring.

We plan to proceed with discussions and confirmations with the Mauritius authorities regarding the disposal of the removed wreckage and remnants.

…as Nagashiki Shipping stated.

For the records, of the approximately 1.000 tons of oil that spilled from the vessel, the oil that was floating on the surface of the sea has been recovered.

Currently authorities are working on removing the oil that has washed ashore for approximately 30 kilometers along the coast.

Thanks to the efforts of the relevant authorities, local residents, and oil cleaners, the removal work is proceeding smoothly and is expected to be almost completed in January 2021.

…Nagashiki Shipping added.

In light of the situation, Nagashiki will further collaborate with MOL’s Mauritius Natural Environment Restoration Fund, so as to continue coastal oil recovery work, treat the rear part of the hull and investigate the cause of the accident.

Regarding the investigation of the cause of the accident, the Mauritius authorities are currently investigating and investigating the captain, and we are fully cooperating with the submission of related materials.We will continue to do our utmost to investigate the cause of the accident and protect the environment in cooperation with the people of Mauritius and the relevant authorities in Japan.

…Nagashiki Shipping concluded.

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