Caribbean MoU annual PSC report: 11 ship detentions in 2019

Ship inspections

Over 2019, the CMOU Member States carried out a total of 782 inspections on ships registered under 52 flags, which is an increase of 147 or 23% over the previous year.

The Netherlands carried out the most inspections with a total of 215, followed by Trinidad and Tobago with 143.

Of those Member States reporting inspections, St. Kitts & Nevis had the lowest recorded inspections with 1.

Panama had the highest number of vessels inspected with 108 vessels out of a total of 782.


Ship deficiencies

In 2019, the number of deficiencies identified totaled 1027 deficiencies whereas in 2019, a total of 1186 deficiencies were recorded, representing a decrease of 13.41%.

The Netherlands (BES Islands) had the highest number of deficiencies recorded with a total of 415 deficiencies, followed by France with 173 and Cayman Islands with 91.

Out of the 1027 deficiencies recorded, Fire safety measures was the highest deficiency recorded with a total of 171 or 16.65% followed by Life Saving Appliances with 160 deficiencies recorded or 15.58% and Ship’s Certificates and Documents with a total of 153 or 14.9%. Fire Safety Measures also was the category with the highest percent of total deficiencies.

In 2019, the CMOU saw 38.11% of all vessels inspected having deficiencies. Oil Tankers have the highest percentage of inspections with a deficiency percentage of 58.43% of all inspections were found with deficiencies. This was followed by the category of vessels Other with 53.5%


Ship detentions

In 2019, 11 ships were detained. The total number of detentions of the ships inspected was the same as 2018 which also saw 11 detentions.

France recorded the largest number of detentions with 3, followed by Antigua & Barbuda and Jamaica with 2.

By ship type, ‘Other Vessels’ accounted for the most detentions for the period with 6 (60%) out of the total of 10 this was followed by General Cargo with 3 detentions.


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