Career Paths: Jukka Merenluoto, ONE SEA – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem

SAFETY4SEA: How did it come about that you joined shipping industry and your field of expertise specifically?

Jukka Merenluoto: Although I have worked over 20 years in ICT in various industries I’ve always been interested in ships and sea. I did my military service in Finnish navy. Maritime digitalization is an area that I find particularly interesting.


S4S: What about your current job/ role most excites you and why?

J.M.: I find it fascinating to see how the industry is developing and all the advancements that are being made. I think that suitable application of technology will improve safety and working environment for seafarers.


S4S: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and why?

J.M.: The best piece of advice is from my father who taught me to work and not to give up.


S4S: What is the most worthwhile career investment (in energy, time, money) you’ve ever made?

J.M.: I found the MBA done in Henley Business School very rewarding and worthwhile. I had MSc. from computer science previously and combining that to business degree has given a good combination of skills.


S4S: In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your business life?

J.M.: I like to get up early and try to prioritize the most important tasks early in the day. Workdays can often be hectic and this way I ensure right things get done.


S4S: What is your personal motto?

J.M.: I really like a quote from former Finnish president Mauno Koivisto who used to say “Unless we are certain about the outcome, let us assume things will work out.” (my own translation from Finnish)



About Jukka Merenluoto, Senior Ecosystem Lead, ONE SEA – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem DIMECC Ltd

Jukka Merenluoto is Senior Ecosystem Lead for One Sea, a high-profile business alliance driving for an autonomous maritime system by 2025 ( He has a lengthy background in ICT and digitalization. He has held director positions and headed strategically important change initiatives in several companies in various industries including maritime, manufacturing, and telecom. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science. He is also MBA graduate from Henley Business School.

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