Canada launches smart protective coatings project

Τhe smart Protective Coatings Project as a part of its core Technology Leadership stream of projects. With a total project value of more than $4.6 million, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will provide $2.2 million in funding with the balance coming from industry partners. The Smart Protective Coatings Project is led by Dartmouth-based SME, Graphite Innovation and Technologies, together with partners Horizon Maritime Services Ltd, and Mitacs.

Specifically, the project will reveal a new graphene-based nanotechnology to the global ocean economy through the development of revolutionary graphene-based protective coating products for vessels.

GIT’s coatings provide a number of advantages to marine industries including reduced fuel consumption for vessels, non-toxic protection and reduced underwater radiant noise.

GIT is focused on using nanomaterial technologies to deliver solutions for a wide range of applications. The smart coating technologies aim to tackle and solve complex issues by being part of the solution, with the end goal of helping address environmental impacts and saving money for the shipping industry.

The Smart Protective Coatings Project aims to develop and commercialize a product that will not only help position Canada as a global hub of innovation in ocean but also delivers shared competitive advantages in accessing those world-wide market opportunities across different ocean sectors, particularly with its environmental focus.

It is added that Lloyd’s Register will provide assessments in this project.

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