Canada announces funding to design recyclable boats

Minister of Transport in Canada announced that the funding of $ 200,000 has been granted to the Innovation maritime organization for the design of recyclable vessels.

The objective of the project is to replace as much as possible the components of the hull and the deck with more ecological parts and to develop a process which will facilitate the dismantling of the boat.

A complete and functional model will be developed and tested, which will allow these technological advances to be developed and spread across Canada.

Ensuring a cleaner future for our children and grandchildren is a priority for the Government of Canada. To get there, every action and every idea counts. This includes the design and development of boats that are more respectful of our oceans and our environment. That is why, through the Oceans Protection Plan, we are taking action to encourage greater use of recycled components for boats.

….Minister of Transport of Canada, Omar Alghabra said.

As explained, Oceans Protection Plan is currently the largest investment to protect Canada’s coasts and waterways.

This national plan creates a world-class maritime safety system that provides economic opportunities for Canadians, while protecting our coasts and our clean water for generations to come. This work is carried out in close collaboration with indigenous peoples, local stakeholders and coastal communities.

“The choice of materials and assembly processes for composite boats poses certain challenges when dismantling and sorting materials. This project will make it possible to come up with new solutions and test them in a real environment. Canadian companies will be able to use these innovative techniques to build more environmentally friendly boats and thus reduce the burden of disposing of boats at the end of their life cycle for future generations”

…as Sylvain Lafrance Managing Director, Maritime Innovation, concluded.

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