Busan port orders guards on ships to prevent unauthorized shore leave

This is according to a notification by the Busan District Port Authority, effective from 8 October, which became available by Britannia P&I Club’s correspondents in Korea, P&I Bros.

The order follows a number of desertions of seafarers from various countries, mostly in the South Asia region, the notification reads.

Therefore, the guards must be posted during the period from berthing to the ship’s deberthing, to prevent unauthorized disembarkation or desertion of seafarers. One or more guards must be stationed onboard the ship at night. The others should be posted ashore around the ship. The guards must report to the port authority every 6 hours, 4 times per day.

The Master of each ship is required to provide seafarers with appropriate training on unauthorized shore leave, unauthorized desertion and unauthorized disembarkation.

The Master is also required to check for any desertions every four hours starting from the time the ship is berthed, and any desertions must be reported to the administrator of the relevant Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries via the Owners’ agents.

On their part, the appointed security guards must obey the established COVID-19 safety and prevention rules.

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