Bureau Veritas now certifies renewable ammonia

Bureau Veritas (BV) has announced a Renewable Ammonia certification scheme, to certify a safe and sustainable ammonia production from renewable energy.

According to Bureau Veritas, the aim of the BV Renewable Ammonia certification scheme is to contribute to hydrogen energy development and international trade by shaping trust. A prerequisite for the Renewable Ammonia certificate is the successful completion of the Renewable Hydrogen certification scheme by Bureau Veritas for the hydrogen feedstock being used.

Safety, sustainability, and renewable input are mandatory criteria for the hydrogen as well as for the ammonia scheme. Additionally, the carbon intensity for the ammonia must be demonstrated and proven to be below 0.5 kg CO2eq/kg.

Applicable from the design stage onward, the BV Renewable Ammonia certification scheme also provides proof of “bankability” to address the need from developers to attract early-stage funding.

This scheme is developed to provide a comprehensive assessment of plants producing ammonia with renewable hydrogen feedstock. It covers carbon footprint and other environmental impacts from a life cycle assessment perspective, incorporating safety and ESG aspects.

… said Laurence Boisramé, Global Director, Hydrogen at Bureau Veritas

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