Bulker grounded off Sri Lanka

According to local media, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC Colombo) received a distress call and a Sri Lanka Navy ship and a craft were deployed to the scene from the ports of Hambantota and Galle.

The crew was rescued without problems, while no damage was reported to the ship, nor an oil spill. However, one third of the ship is underwater and the carrier is resting the reef.

Currently, arrangements are being made to off-load the consignment from the carrier.

In addition, a special diving operation took place by the Navy to investigate and rescue the bulk carrier. The divers would investigate the nature in which the carrier is trapped in order to come up with a plan to rescue it. The team will also look into the marine weather ahead of starting the rescue operation.

As of now, no predictions can be made as for when the investigation will be completed.

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