Brazil introduces temporary flexibilization for seafarers’ identity documents

To remind, seafarers who enter Brazil are obliged to have a valid Seafarer Identity Document issued in accordance with ILO Convention 185, which will be accepted by Brazilian authorities as a proof of the bearer’s eligibility for visa waiver by the Brazilian immigration authorities.

However, some countries, which are signatories to ILO Convention No.185, have experienced limitations when issuing these seafarers’ identity documents and still have a large number of seafarers with identity documents issued under ILO Convention No.108, according to the Britannia P&I Club citing information by Brazilian law firm Promare.

Therefore, Brazil’s Federal Police advised that:

  • Exceptionally, until June 15, 2021, a seafarer’s identity document under ILO Convention No. 108 will be admitted for migratory purposes.
  • Exceptional flexibility above will apply only to seafarers who are nationals of signatory countries of the ILO Convention No. 185.

The exemption will be kept under regular review and any penalty/fine will be subject to review.

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