BPA responds to Brexit worst-case scenario

Namely, BPA suggested that a major government and cross-industry effort is needed to ensure hauliers and traders are prepared.

As informed, the region’s ports industry is reporting that significant amounts of preparation is underway across the sector, but that while there is obviously a lot going on elsewhere, wider trader preparedness is largely unknown.

In light of the situation, British Ports Association Chief Executive Richard Ballantyne said in its letter:

“The government’s worst-case scenarios are a stark reminder about the major changes that much of the UK’s freight industry will have to embrace following the end of the transition period.

Whilst highlighting particular issues in Kent the analysis also underlines that this will be a national issue for traders and hauliers moving goods through a wider number of gateways facing the same issues.

Put simply if the traders have not completed the correct customs requirements, they will be unable to transport their goods through any port”.

As Richard Ballantyne explained, ports are working to ensure infrastructure is ready but is still a lot to do. In particular decisions policy makers need to agree in respect of specifications for infrastructure.

We will now be looking at ways to support the government’s drive to communicate the new requirements to the wider freight and logistics industry to avoid many of the scenarios given in the analysis from arising.


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