Bill Gates launches nuclear ship battery consortium

In fact, participants aim to develop a marine Molten Salt Reactor (m-MSR) type ‘atomic battery’ pack, which could further power largest ships, while product green synthetic fuels for smaller ships.

In light of the above, collaborators submitted application to the US Dept. of Energy to take part in cost-share risk reduction awards under the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Programme to build a prototype MSR, as a proof-of-concept for a medium-scale commercial-grade reactor.

We’re pleased to work with such outstanding partners in developing game-changing technology to help transport and industry transition to a clean energy future. The implications of the MSR for transport and industry could be transformational, as we seek to build scale-appropriate technology and broad acceptance of modern and durable liquid-fuelled atomic power to shape the future of how we deal with climate change.

… says Mikal Bøe, CEO of London-based CORE POWER.

Concluding, by powering production of green sustainable fuels for smaller ships and providing onboard electric power for large ships, the consoritum goals to reduce shipping carbon footprint and reach IMO’s emissions targets.

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