Australia launches world first Port Sustainability Strategy Development Guide

The guide follows Ports Australia’s 2019 ‘Ports and a Sustainable Australia’, which went hand in hand with a Sustainability Hub, both projects showcasing the amazing work Australian ports are already doing for the sustainability of their business and surrounding communities and environments.

Ports Australia spoke with the Chair of its Sustainability Working Group, Simona Trimarchi, who commented that

Given the nature of what ports do and the incredible amount of value we provide to regional and national economies and the natural environments and communities in which we operate, sustainability planning is critical.

The guide includes four stages to develop a Sustainability Strategy, which are:

  1. What is the 01 ‘Current Status’?
  2. What issues do stakeholders think are important?
  3. Mapping a forward pathway.
  4. Communicating the Strategy and reporting.

In addition, CEO, Mike Gallacher reiterated Ports Australia’s belief in sustainable practice and stated that

We recognised that sustainability, just like the ports sector, is unique. There is no one size that fits all, which is why this Guide had to be made adaptable to suit any port wanting to future-proof their business.

Concluding, you may learn more by clicking herebelow

Port sustainability strategy development guide

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