APM Terminals offers climate impact calculations

To remind, Sweden has set the target to drop the emissions in the transport sector by 70% until 2030.

In order to reach this ambitious goal, APM Terminals gives customers the opportunity to obtain an independent calculation of climate impact.

“The fact that we have now taken a step further in our climate efforts and entirely transitioned to renewable fuels at the terminal feels only natural. It is gratifying to see that so many of our customers appreciate and support our efforts. With all the lessons we have learned, we are now happy to help our customers make their own logistics solutions reach their climate targets”.

…Magnus Lundberg, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Gothenburg, stated.

In addition, the service aims to aid customers in taking a holistic view to review their logistics solution and identify opportunities for minimising their supply chain’s carbon footprint.

As further explained, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will be resposible for the climate calculations.

In fact, the institute is entrusted by Swedish authorities such as the Port of Gothenburg and the Swedish Transport Agency.

“A certified climate calculation helps us assist our customers in putting in place a sustainable plan for their logistics solutions. In collaboration with the Port of Gothenburg and other partners, Gothenburg will become a logistics hub able to offer customers a unique opportunity to contribute to their own, their customers’ and Sweden’s national environmental targets”.

…Lundberg concluded.

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