AMSA reports increase of incidents for commercial vessels during November

It should be noted that there was an increase of incidents during November, keeping in mind that AMSA reported 66 incidents in October.

Accordingly, the incidents were:

Very serious

  • Fishing vessel: Vessel took on water and sunk while fishing. Two crew members rescued from life raft after activating their EPIRB. Crew were wearing lifejackets. No injuries reported.

The rest of the incidents

  • Passenger vessel: Passenger fell into water while disembarking. Recovered quickly by the crew. Minor finger injury reported.
  • Hire N’ Drive: Recreational vessel collided with a domestic commercial vessel. Damage to recreational vessel reported and minor injury to crew on DCV.
  • Hire N’ Drive: Hirer lost control of Jetski and ran aground in mangroves. Serious injuries sustained and a medivac was required. Damage to the Jetski reported.
  • Fishing vessel: Vessel ran aground after crew member fell asleep while on watch. Serious damage to the hull was reported with vessel possibly unrecoverable.
  • Passenger vessel: Large fishing charter vessel collided with a smaller fishing charter vessel. Serious damage to both vessels and minor injuries reported to multiple passengers.
  • Passenger vessel: Vessel collided with recreational vessel. Minor damage and no injuries reported.
  • Passenger vessel: Near miss collisions with 2 recreational vessels drifting together.
  • Passenger vessel: Engine failed after electrical fault. Vessel returned to port with assistance from tug.
  • Non-passenger vessel: Port engine breakdown following a mechanical failure. This resulted in water ingress in engine compartment. Engine was shut down and continued to shore on the starboard engine. Vessel out of service until repairs completed.
  • Hire N’ Drive: 2 Hire ‘N’ Drive Jet ski’s collided causing damage to both. No injuries reported.
  • Passenger vessel: Master suffered severe finger injury while transferring passengers to tender. Medivac required.
  • Non-passenger vessel: Vessel ran aground after master fell asleep at the wheel. Damage to vessel unknown.
  • Non-passenger vessel: Tender capsized while offering assistance to a capsized recreational vessel. Crew member on tender suffered foot injury and required hospitalisation. Damage reported.
  • Fishing vessel: Vessel broke from mooring during strong winds and ran aground. No damage to hull reported.
  • Non-passenger vessel: Life raft struck the stern of vessel during launch causing damage to vessel and life raft. No injuries reported.
  • Passenger vessel: Mechanical failure to main engine, causing engine to overheat and catch on fire for a brief period. No injuries reported.
  • Non-passenger vessel: Tender capsized, crew rescued and no injuries reported. Tender was towed to shallow water and anchored. During the night the anchor rope broke, tender dragged onto reef causing significant damage. There were no crew onboard for second incident.

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